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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In the mean time...

While I am waiting on the city to render their decision I can talk about something I’ve noticed in musicians that are successful. They can make music in any situation wherever and whenever they want. The studio does not matter. Of course if they were to go to Skywalker Sound they will be assured of pristine conditions with the best the recording industry has to offer. But that in itself doesn’t make a good song.  
Passion does! Listening to every detail of your song and agreeing with yourself is can make as much sense to remove something you’ve done as it is to add something.
Joe Gilder at just wrote about “Less is More” in recording a song. (This is a must read article.) In it he describes how he came to using only guitar and vocals on one of his songs. And I can apply less is more to building a studio. You just don't have to have a million dollar studio to make and record music. Spend less time trying to make your studio perfect and more time using it. Of course improve it all the time, but just don't think it has to all be done at once.

Your studio is really just a tool for you to do what you love most. Make music! Don’t let your let your surroundings destroy the moment or the song. 

Producer Peter Malick who collaborates with Norah Jones used his house that is NOT set up for recording to record Amber Rubarth. Watch the video and see how imperfect conditions worked just fine. 
Keep it simple and build as you go, but don’t stop recording and playing music. So until the City is ready to make a decision, I'm off to do some recording in my wonderfully imperfect basement. 

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