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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meeting with the City #1

I emailed the city about what happened at the "front desk" and they sent an email back requesting a meeting. So at this point I need to gather all my drawings and head down to the City.

Here's a quick rundown on what happened. I went to the city about building a music studio in my garage and the people who work at the front desk, of the city permit and building department, said I couldn't. They said it was because my garage would become "Habitable Space". So What!! What do we need to do to allow me to build a "habitable space" in my garage? "Nothing!" They said.

But they also said I could email the city building manager for a better understanding on  my request. I wrote a nice letter (not an angry, pissed off, I'll kill you letter) to the city about my intentions to take my 720 square foot garage, where 2/3 is for the cars and 1/3 is for the shop, and make it a musical space. I want to convert the shop area into a music/recording studio, with the possibility of making the car side a recording studio and/or adding onto the garage for more usable musical recording/practicing space.

Never in my wildest dreams would I think the city would just say NO!! So I will try to set up a meeting this Friday to talk to the City and present my ideas. I will report on what happens and what I felt helped and what hurt my chances.

Cheers my studio friends, wish me luck!

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